Open Hatch Day

Every Wednesday at 11:30am, The Australian Armour & Artillery Museum conducts an “Open Hatch” day.

Our Assistant Manager/Ex Tankie Jason, is highly knowledgeable in the field of armoured vehicles. Watch and listen as he conducts a walk around tour of one of our unique and rare vehicles, and will discuss topics such as mobility, armour protection, firepower and combat history of the specific vehicle. The Open Hatch day also allows visitors to actually climb inside and take photos of the vehicles which is usually off limits to the public. There is no additional costs involved to be a part of our Open Hatch Day, as it is part of the general admission fee.

Please note that it can be quite claustrophobic inside our vehicles, if you do have any issues with enclosed spaces, please inform staff prior to entering vehicle.

The next Open Hatch dates and vehicles are listed below.

5th April                –     2S7 Pion

12th April               –    M113 FSV

19th April              –     Fox Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle

26th April             –      Saladin Armoured Car

3rd May               –      Panzer 38T

10th May             –      Valentine

Vehicle list will be updated on a monthly basis.