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Germany: Panzer IV Ausf D, Panther Ausf A,

Great Britain: Cromwell, Sherman Firefly,

United States: Late model M3 Grant, M48 Patton,


Russia: BMP 1

Armoured Cars

Australia: S1 Scout Car




Great Britain: Archer SP Anti Tank Gun

Russia:  SU-76M, 2S1 SPG

Museum Extensions

To keep up with our growing collection the museum has two extensions planned:

  • In April 2017 we will commence the construction of a 1,000 sq. metre extension on the northern end of the museum,
  • In early 2018 a further 3,200 sq. metre extension will be added on the western side of the museum, this will almost double the size of the main museum hall.

The new space will offer visitors an enhanced museum experience including:

  • Improved access to exhibits, and
  • Enhanced exhibition space for both permanent collections and temporary exhibitions.

During the constructions phases visitors to the museum may experience minor disruptions and an increased level of noise.