Days till AusArmourfest 1st & 2nd September








To mark the fourth anniversary of the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum opening, and to celebrate Fathers Day 2018, we will be holding our third AusArmourfest on the 1st and 2nd of September. The event will feature over a dozen historic vehicles driving on the museum grounds with the opportunity for visitors to purchase tickets to ride in them and experience combat conditions!

It is important that everyone knows that in these vehicles you will experience ‘Combat Conditions‘ as the vehicles have very little room inside them. This can be very uncomfortable for some and not an appropriate option for claustrophobic people. Vehicles marked with a * are those which have very little room to move around in. If you have any further questions relating to the vehicle conditions and requirements please call the Museum on 07 4038 1665.






They say seeing a lion in a cage is one thing, but seeing one running free is another matter, for us the same goes with heavy armoured vehicles!